The J.U.M.P. Rope

The idea arose while we were teaching our kids to tie a few knots that are useful when pitching a tarp shelter. When young people are learning to tie knots and handle line, they need a length of rope or cord to practice with. Itís also good practice to carry a short length of line in the mountains, separate from the fifty feet used to hang food and what have you. When you suddenly need a piece of cord, you usually need six or so feet, whether to replace a broken boot lace, peg-out a tarp corner, fix a broken pack strap, or string a bit of clothesline.

A J.U.M.P. Rope is just six or so feet of high-strength kernmantel cord, daisy-chained and secured with a good buckle and a water knot. Unlike the elaborate ones sold as fashion items, ours can be deployed in seconds, and put back together in a minute or two. Like a small blade, itís a handy thing to have. (The hike leader who suggested it has carried something similar for thirty years.)

Our J.U.M.P. Ropes are handcrafted right here in Harvard, by one of our young hikers. They come in one size only, but will fit most wrists, and can be made smaller by shortening the cord. J.U.M.P. Ropes are are available in blue, orange, or yellow. Each color has flecks of the other colors mixed in.

J.U.M.P. Ropes are $10 each. Shipping cost is 50 cents for as few or as many as you buy. Your order should be received within 5 days in the continental U.S. All proceeds will go J.U.M.P. trip expenses.