Used Windows Laptop with Windows 7 (2 needed)

To run Quickbooks for Non-Profits and manage documents and communications

The Director and the Volunteer that does all the bookkeeping and monthly bank reconciliations both have 6 year old laptops that are becoming increasingly problematic.

Used Windows Laptop with DVD Burner and USB Receptacles (2 needed)

For burning pictures onto DVDís. We generally do this on the way home from the hikes. Lately we have not been able to fit all the pics on a CD. Having two of these would give us the flexibility to run two trips to different destinations on the same weekend.

Good battery and SD card reader would be a bonus.

Used Point and Shoot Digital Cameras (2 needed)

For taking photos on the trips.

A few megapixels is enough. Nothing fancy, they get beat up. A good phone camera would work as well.

Used Fleece Hats (20 needed)

Hats that cover the ears are critical to have during all seasons in the White Mountains.

Ok if they are plain, odd or goofy. Some kids are drawn to off-beat hats!

Childrenís Illustrated Stories (many needed)

For reading to the group at night during our time reflecting on the days events.

Nice if they have a good message but just for fun is ok as well. Teens love the stories.